Facilities and Structures

MCR’s St. Thomas Shops

The city of St. Thomas, midway between the Detroit and Buffalo in southwestern Ontario, has been a railroad centre of major importance since 1873, when the Canada Southern Railway first made its headquarters there. In 1883, Canada Southern was leased to the Michigan Central Railroad and became a division of that line. Freight and passenger […]

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MCR Cantilever Bridge

The first Michigan Central Railway bridge was built for rail traffic only. Cornelius Vanderbilt owner of the Michigan Central Railway, decided to build a bridge under the Niagara River Bridge Company. This was implemented in order to avoid the high rental prices which the owners of the Lower Arch Bridge were asking for in lieu […]

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Kettle Creek Bridge

The Kettle Creek Bridge, also known as the Michigan Central and Canada Southern Bridge, is located over the Kettle Creek valley. In terms of the railway, it is located at Mi. 116.4 of the CASO Subdivision of the Canadian National Railway at the westerly limits of the City of St. Thomas. In the latter half […]

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Niagara Suspension Bridge

In 1853, the Grand Trunk Railway wanted to build a suspension bridge across the Niagara River. The conception, development and construction of the railway suspension bridge over the Niagara River were by John A. Roebling, who went on to design the Brooklyn Bridge of New York. There are two stone pylons at either end to […]

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The Connaught Tunnel

The Connaught Tunnel was built between 1913 and 1916. At 5.02 miles long, it is the longest tunnel in Canada. It was officially opened on December 16, 1916 and is named for the Duke of Connaught, who was Governor-General of Canada at the time. Prior to construction of the Connaught Tunnel, the Canadian Pacific mainline […]

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Canada Southern Station

The Canada Southern Station, completed in 1873, embodies the contribution the city of St. Thomas made to the railroad industry in North America. During its busiest period, in the 1920s, as many as 2,000 passengers passed by the station per day. The building was constructed between June 1871 and April 1873. Once completed, the Canada […]

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Grand Central Station

Grand Central Depot was built in New York City in 1871 by Cornelius Vanderbilt. Its train shed had a magnificent glass roof which arched over 15 sets of tracks. It was on January 4, 1877, the day of Vanderbilt’s death, which a blizzard caused the collapse of the roof, raining glass and iron upon the […]

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Union Station

Situated in Toronto, Ontario, Union Station is known as one of North America’s great railway stations and is a major transportation centre in Canada. The Station is owned and maintained by the Toronto Terminals Railway Company (TTR). It is located on Front Street and occupies and entire block. Construction of the station began in 1913, […]

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