Komoka Railway Museum

p1000840The Komoka Railway Museum was incorporated in 1980 to provide displays, restoration and storage of artefacts as they relate to the history and development of the area around Komoka, with particular emphasis on the influence of the railroads. To accomplish this, the Museum acquired the former CN rail station at Komoka in 1978 and moved it to its present location next to the Komoka Community Centre.

In addition, the museum has a 1913 Shay locomotive and a Grand Trunk caboose. The former Longwoods flag stop station is also on site. A 1930s era baggage car is in the process of being repurposed and now holds two circus train collections, with the intent to house the museum’s library as well.

A large building on the site will be renovated, subject to receipt of grant funding, to house the museum’s large item collections, presently in storage, and to improve accessibility. This building houses a restored 1979 Canadian National Railway GMC-Grumman Hi-Railer.

An additional highlight is the elevated rail track, the museum’s “live” steam, on which several individuals run their locomotive units and on which members of the public, can “ride the rails”. Another new track will soon be laid and that will be featuring a ground level track to enhance the “riding the rails” experience.

As part of the museum’s mandate to preserve the history of the Komoka area, the former waiting room of the station will be transformed into the Komoka room. This room will display the local history of the Komoka area.