Different colors of Weed

You might have come across people in cannabis culture, who talk about different colours of weed to smoke. Sometimes your seller might ask you to try various colours of weed and starts flattering about a single type for selling. So how many colours of weed are available in there for you? Here we would discuss the same for you and also help you to choose the best one for yourself.

Weeds are available in different colours in the market and may come across red, purple, yellow, orange green and brown. They get these colours because of the strains around there buds and flowers. There might have some variation in THC content in a different type of flowers which are responsible for the recreational and psychoactive effect. Weeds are mostly green in colour; these are the best quality and are highly demanded by their consumers. Unlike Brown weeds which contains very less THC concentration, these weeds can take you high within minutes. Brown weeds are the lowest quality weed, which are grown in the dust with no care. These weeds are easy money-making machine and so are grown for that. However, the green weeds are grown with a lot care in a good environment by its farmers, properly harvested and cured after the plants reach its maturity. At the time the plants are mature, the buds and the trimmings are plucked, these buds and trims contain strains of different colours, and also it appears as crystals over the buds and leaves. These crystals are trichomes which are responsible for the colour of the weed and also the extent of highness one achieves. Brown weeds, however, lack in this property as they do not contain a good amount of trichomes.

So this was all about different colours of weed that are available in the market for you to buy and in case anyone in this regard bluffs you, you can now differentiate them.


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