Do smoking cannabis leaves is the best option?

We all know that smoking is generally rough and very harmful to our lungs. There are some of the better ways apart from smoking weeds which does not make fully harmful lungs, but it surely decreases the harm of lungs. It provides less advantage of the possibly low cannabinoid contents of the cannabis leaves. So those options are:

  • Using a vaporizer

Generally using a vaporizer always dominates from the option of smoking the leaves because vaporizer gives you the option to control temperature and it also provides you with the option to decide which parts of the plants gets extracted without burning. Whenever your cannabis is vaporized at the right temperature thanĀ  95% of the vape which you will get will be filled with cannabinoids. Don’t these number speaks of themselves?

  • Cannabis Edibles

The edibles are getting more and more popular these days, but for the edibles, it also has a downside. When someone like me or you take cannabis orally, then the cannabinoids will not get transported to the endocannabinoid system by the, but it will be transported through the livers.

  • Cannabis Extracts

If you still do not get satisfied with your leaves and going just to toss your leaves into the dust bin, then you must stop there. It will be the total waste of your leaves, and there is always a chance to get something from those leaves. The best way to use the leaves is to extract some amount of cannabinoids from the leaves.


Thus, we have seen that what is the best ways to use your leaves without harming your lungs. These are some of the better ways to use cannabis than smoking.

Lastly, I want to thank you for reading my thoughts by spending your precious time.

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