Do you know the Reggie Weed

Yes, Reggie weed is weed which is widely available and consider to be a low category weed. Some consider it in a C+ grade and few of them consider it into B ++ category too. It is very mild. One has to smoke it a lot to have that high. Reggie weed is not at all good in taste and its smells is also so weird. It contains extremely low THC level. It can make you confuse what you are really having it and what for actually you paying for. 

The color of Reggie weed is dark green and in few cases it has brown color also. Top shelf share the same color but Reggie weed has strange color combination and different from all available weeds in the market. Reggie weed has too many seeds and it is known as the weeds which grow more seeds rather than leaves. While smoking it you must have to take care otherwise if you smoke this seed by mistake then it can make you feel rough and painful that can make you feel nausea. Reggie weed is a result of poor quality fertilizer that is grow in very poor way by producing so many seeds, it is because of the female Reggie plant which produce seed and diverts the energy that gone into production of THC and growing buds into growing more seeds. This make the quality of plant deteriorate. Reggie weed is grown in an outside area or in the fields and it doesn’t to require attention. 


One should avoid smoking Reggie weed as it is low in quality and have no benefits. It is easy to find but you will get in black market and beginners try it but you must avoid it and smokers recommend to throw it away if you have Reggie weed.


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