What can increase the length of highness?

There are many ways to increase the length of your highness. But it also depends on the body of yours. The last also depends on the dose and potency. Someone the higher THC content consumes, the more, and the longer will be the effect. It also depends on the way it is delivered to our body. Here is the breakdown, which is according to Drugs and Me – it is a site by the Mental Health Education: 



  • Vaping or smoking: the one dose of this effects peak around approximately 10 minutes after the consumption and it lasts for approximately one to three hours. It is possible that the consumer can linger for up to 8 hours.
  • Eating: after the consumption by eating the edible generally peak approximately two hours and after the consumption, we can say that it can last approximately 24 hours. 
  • Dabbing: dabbing is similar to the smoking and the effects of the dabbing the weed is usually last from one to three hours. If you are using the concentration with high THC, then you could feel the effects of the weed entire day.


How to increase the length?

Some people love to be in high. These are those addicts that love the aura of being high and being in a variety of mood swings and in order to do so, they consume the increasing amount of weeds because they know that the higher the amount of THC in your weed, the lesser amount and time required to get you high. You can either smoke it again to feel the effect quickly. Or you can use eatable for long-lasting highness, but there are some anecdotal methods for increasing your highness. Some people may suggest you have alcohol with weed but drinking alcohol before weed consumption can put you in some unpleasant conditions like vomiting, sweating and increased impairment. One of the funny things is that if you drink after weeding in, this may reduce the effect of alcohol.

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